Data Centers Continue to Grow in Dominion Energy’s Service Territory: AREP in Quantum Park

March 25, 2021

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American Real Estate Partners (AREP) Expanding into Data Centers

In the process of creating the Aligned opportunity, AREP began building an in-house team with data center expertise, including Senior VP of Construction and Project Management Reg Arnold (a veteran of HITT Contracting) and Greg Rowles, Managing Director of Development and Construction, a key member of the AOL data center team.

“Over the course of 2019, we started looking at data center opportunities, and made a number of offers on other properties,” said Fleit. “We’ve done a lot of homework.”

That led to the $21.5 million purchase of 21445 Beaumeade Circle, which is adjacent to a strategic cluster of data center buildings operated by Equinix, which specializes in making the physical connections that tie the Internet together. AREP plans to build a two-story, 265,000 square foot “powered shell” data center, with construction scheduled to begin later this year.

“It has everything you could ask for in a data center building,” said Fleit. “It’s on the main Ashburn fiber ring and right next to the transmission lines of Dominion Energy. It has access to power, robust fiber and clean water. We’re thrilled to be the owners and developers of that site.”

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