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Thanks to state and local incentives, extensive infrastructure, and an ideal location, Virginia consistently ranks as one of the nation’s top states to conduct business.

Virginia is a leader in technological innovation, with one of the most highly trained and productive workforces in the nation. Home to 37 Fortune 1000 companies, 56 corporate headquarters, 550+ internationally owned companies, and all the Global Top 10 IT Services companies, Virginia’s vibrant economy makes it a great place to take your business.

Location and Transportation Infrastructure

Strategically located on the East Coast and next door to the nation’s capital, Virginia’s extensive transportation network includes 6 major interstates, 10 railroads, and 14 commercial airports. As a result, nearly 50% of the U.S. population is less than a day away.

Local and State Incentives

The region offers a low cost of business, including a corporate tax rate of 6%, electric rates that are 30% below the national average, and some of the lowest rates of unionization and unemployment insurance in the nation.

Livability and Talent Acquisition

The region’s location, natural beauty, and plentiful opportunities make recruiting a talented workforce easy. The affordable cost of living and wealth of recreational activities, outdoor amenities, and thriving urban centers make the state an attractive place to live.

Virginia also boasts one of the nation’s best K-12 public systems, more than 70 four-year colleges, and 40 community college campuses. The steady stream of nearly 11,000 skilled workers exiting the U.S. military also means there is a wide variety of specialized talent entering Virginia’s workforce each year.

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